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What a wonderful holiday tradition that is best pulled off in the USA in late November every year. I blogged on Cdn. Thanksgiving recently and that is a fine turkey affair as well, but too early in the fall.

Also, while the Cdn. version occurs during a long weekend type of format, sort of like an extended summer vacation, and quite often the weather is still very warm. The holiday TV does include NFL Football on Thanksgiving Sunday in Canada, it is still not the same as the US Turkey Bowl staged on Thanksgiving Thursday in late November in Lambeau Field type conditions, and accompanied with all the media hype. While the next day rolls into one of the busiest shopping days of the retail year in the US, “Black Friday” as Wal Mart opens at 5am.

The late season slow down is needed in a lot of turf related businesses like ours with the mantra of “make hay while the sun shines”, as we tend to burn out quickly before we relaunch in to the final weeks of the installation season. Here at XGD Systems it is our final late season push as well, as the next few weeks will see our crews pushed further south to accommodate the northern freeze out that looks to be on the horizon.

On behalf of XGD Systems, we would all like to take this opportunity to thank our installation staff for their extremely hard and diligent work, and wish them a very safe and happy holiday season.
Out, Poor Old Dirt & Grass Farmer
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