The Greens Drainage Connection Experience

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What is that?

My favourite topic, DIRT.

That is what XGD System’s clients have on their golf greens. Yes, this connection revolves entirely around the concept of connecting your greens upper soil profile( usually 2″-5″ of sandy topdressing/organic matter) with the bottom or lower soil profile in the 5″-18″ range.

If your club has old pushup greens without an internal subsurface drainage system, then you are not a participant in the Experience, yet. But, if you are one of the hundreds of XGD clients with our unique greens restoration process already installed, well then you do and have experienced the XGD Connection I am speaking of. You see, sans XGD you are basically managing a layer of soil(DIRT)(sand topdressing/organic matter) on top of a compacted subsoil material untouched over the past 100 years or longer. Yikes. If little deep-tining or drilln’fill has been done to impact beyond the 3-4″ range, than you may as well liken your lower soil profile to “concrete”.
Golf Club Managers do a heroic job managing the top 5″ soil profile, and do regularly pull off turfgrass health miracles everyday. But, without aiding them with internal greens drainage, and the ability to move surface water and groundwater through and out of both soil profiles, it’s like “arming them with a knife for a gunfight”, to borrow on a Sean Connery line. It looks to me like you are setting them up to fail every now and then? I mean really, you are asking your seasoned golf superintendent professional to perform the miracle with 18 bathtubs for golf greens? No other industry expects perfection to be achieved using foundations constructed in the early 1900’s, but the golf industry expects it, and sees the dream realized most golf seasons.
My point mostly being 2010 was not a golf season that could be described as typical in any region across NA. Golf greens, both sand and pushup, struggled mightily under the heat/moisture pressure, and several clubs closed golf down for a period of time in the heat of the summer so their greens would possibly survive? Folks, at XGD we can help your golf greens be proactive, with a new foundation already poured and ready for whatever Mother nature might throw your way in 2011 and beyond.
So please reach out to us at XGD, as we are probably installing at a club near you. Don’t let our Florida address fool you either, we are definitely capable of serving any clients interested from across the country and further.
Cheers, Poor Old Dirt & Grass Farmer
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