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If your club has pushup greens, and you don’t have XGD Systems subsurface greens drainage installed in them, then those greens have no connection from the upper soil profile to the lower soil profile. Instead, what you have are 2-5 inches of topdressing material on top of the native soil, generally high in the finer clay particles. Savvy, old architects knew full well that automatic irrigation might never be the buzzword that it is today, and designed pushup greens to literally hold water, so that when the precipitation and humidity come in mid summer, there is moisture trapped in the soil profile, and they can get through the dicey situation without having to get water to that green.
So, the architects created a bathtub in the greens cavity, which is fine when you are mowing above 1/4″, and getting under 10,000 rounds yearly. Unfortunately, today’s turfgrass managers are asked to produce Augusta like conditions on putting surfaces designed for early 1900’s conditions. They are asked to do this with no connection between the upper and lower soil profile. The ability of our unique subsurface greens drainage process to move water through and out of the profile literally allows superintendents to sleep at night, knowing full well that those heavy rain events will not impact their ability to do their job the next morning.
Let us know if we might be able to help your club make that all important soil profile connection, because lets face it, most of us aren’t driving around in cars from the 1920’s, now are we.
Regards, Poor Old Dirt & Grass Farmer
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