The XGD Pipe Difference

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I took these 2 cool XGD shots at Charles River CC, just outside of Boston. This classic old club has some true old, pushup greens exemplified by the soil profile shot below. The gravel type material near, and above the bottom of our mainline/smile trench at about 18″ deep, is fascinating in that it was probably placed there about a 100 years ago for the subgrade of the initial greens construction. This layer was fairly constant at this depth across most of this old green.
Also, in the pic below, you can detect the skiff of sand/greensmix that we bed our drainage tile in. Before backfilling this tee/trench area, a heavy tamper will be placed on this section of pipe to ensure it is firmly placed in the bottom of the trench which will close the very slightly open perforations in the micro-slit tile:

This 50sand:20soil:20peat:10maturecompost mixture from AA Wills is percing in our desired XGD range at around 3″/hour. Choosing the proper backfill is ultra important to any successful internal subsurface greens drainage project. Across the country XGD Systems has preferred backfill suppliers that we know and trust, and can suggest for you.
This next picture illustrates that same pipe in its lateral position across this huge greens complex(8400sqft), created by the Donald of classic golf architecture himself Mr. Ross:

As one can see above, once we meticulously place each lateral pipe in its home above, and firmly hand tamp in to place there is no reason to believe that with XGD’s installation methods why this installation shouldn’t last for more than 25 years at the least?
After one of Mother Nature’s natural flushes(heavy rain above 1″), these XGD laterals and mainlines flush themselves of any silts/fines that may or may not have been building up in an XGD conduit. Any that have been dug up by yours truly over the past 20 years have all been spectacularly clean. A testament to the unique design of this special product that is really now only used for greens/fairways and sportsfield underdrainage purposes.

These kinds of exacting installation techniques are what set XGD Systems apart from others trying to do the same thing. As you can tell at XGD, we have moved on and now it is all about the pipe, while others in this industry are still struggling with providing proper layouts. As some of our older clients switch back to XGD, it is not about the money, rather about the installation techniques,layouts,quality etc.

Cheers, Poor Old Dirt & Grass Farmer

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