Toronto Golf Club Greens Drainage Follow Up

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I must say my blog posts are becoming tough to slip in the time to pull off, so as I was looking for something to write about in this media one always looks to photos to 1) use as content for the blog itself or 2) stimulate blog topic ideas/content.

This look back at some pics from our install period at this historic golf layout by Harry S. Colt that is revered as one of the top golf clubs in North America. Toronto Golf Club is also the third oldest full 18 hole facility in NA.
XGD Systems was fortunate to drain all 18 greens here in the summer of 2009 as TDI Golf was performing a major links type restoration on this sandy soil site just off the shore of Lake Ontario. The pics below illustrate the inherent natural beauty that is around you all the time working on this timeless gem.

This picture shows the sod ready for lay back and the finely tuned sod bed prepared by this highly skilled Cdn XGD staff. Also, keep in mind we used this native spoils(dirt) you see above and below as the backfill material for the internal subsurface greens drainage system. While normally we would use a blended organic greensmix in most old soil clay soil based pushup greens across the entire world, at TGC the native sandy loam was perfect for our organic based XGD compaction procedures(heavy sweating involved).

This picture shows some our high precision XGD finish work on superintendent Al Schwemler’s greens. All greens are open and highly playable immediately following a 2 day non-invasive surgical procedure by the install technicians of XGD Systems.
Favourable results are in on the greens at TGC, and they are performing admirably for the Toronto GC, and as in all XGD Classic Greens Drainage installations, will continue to do so for the better part of our lifetime at the minimum..

Cheers, Poor Old Dirt & Grass Farmer

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