Toronto Golf Club XGD Systems Review

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I recently had occasion to stop in and see my old friend at the Toronto GC, GCS Al Schwemler. Al had the time to take me on a tour of his restored facility utilizing golf architect Dr. Martin Hawtree, TDIGolf and of course XGD Systems, completed just four years ago. Scope of the work, included new bunkers, tees, fairways and installation of internal subsurface drainage in to all 19 of his putting surfaces. The unique part of the greens drainage was that we used the native sandy loam backfill for the XGD trenches, as well as rebuilding two of the greens that had  to be moved in a pushup style with XGD.

The results four years after in the early morning sun is breathtaking:

The image above is one of the rebuilt pushups with a dense stand of poabent.

The fescue around all of the bunkers is getting much more mature and natural each year.

And, the dense bunkering around this short par 3 is outstanding. Looking back four years ago, and then to get to this point with a gorgeous finished product is why we do what we do, year in year out, project to project, we are a big team working with the club to pull off minor miracles that we can all hang our hat on.
This historic restoration project on a near original Harry S. Colt design is one we can be proud of for years to come.

So, reach out to us here at XGD as we begin our busiest fall installation window ever, because there is a real good chance that we will be installing in your area.

Cheers, Poor Old Dirt & Grass Farmer

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