Turfgrass Rapid Blight Remedy

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I wanted to remind our followers on the subsurface drainage system we installed in the desert SW last winter. Early indicators, after some light rains fell near the end of the rainy season, are positive once the heat of the late summer hits and turfgrass rapid blight disease begins to rear its ugly head, that we will have a major impact on greens health in this region.
A green drainage solution such as XGD Systems will provide your superintendent with another tool in their arsenal to combat this relatively new disease. Let’s face it folks, irrigation water quality isn’t getting any better in the desert climates, as reasonable water restrictions will be put in place over the coming years. The ability to provide periodic, timely irrigation sodium flushes on these pushup greens, will become the most important agronomic solution in the near future.
Our golf greens drainage system is an answer to a lot of realistic new long term planning goals for country clubs with pushup golf greens. As little as two years ago, these clubs may have had a rebuild on their minds to USGA specs http://www.usga.org/ . But, with a more realistic economic outlook, the significant expense of rebuilding doesn’t fit in any more. But, you have to do something to help guarantee the long term agronomic success of your putting surfaces. Consider XGD as the first step to rebuilding from within. Along with deep tining, drill’n’fill, regrassing, any club can restore their greens to their original glory, and utilize XGD staff to recapture lost putting green areas on your greenpads.
My understanding of rapid blight after talking to industry people who deal with the disease say it begins to occur in late summer after repeated heavy irrigation cycles in the heat of the summer, salt begins to accumulate near the turfgrass root system. Salt flushing is historically risky without internal greens drainage, as it can leave the turf and subsoil in saturated states and at risk to a host of diseases. I will keep everyone informed as we move in to the critical season, in the meantime why not reach out to us at XGD http://www.greensdrainage.com/ , and begin a dialogue with us, if not at least to see the costs involved, so that some long term planning can begin.
Regards, Poor Old Dirt & Grass Farmer
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