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I have been off site from Toronto over the past week and look forward to laying out some more greens here tomorrow. Things are going well here on XGD’s end for sure, as both us and TDIGolf http://www.tdigolf.com/ are in an all out brawl with the heavy rains. I have been in the midwestern US at some business meetings there. It has been a good week on the sales end as we have recently procuredsome nice projects for the fall

XGD installation season. With our Toronto Golf XGD install project we have a great crew here that has quickly rounded in to the same form we see on all our projects. That has XGD interested in obtaining greens for the fall season in Canada as well. Any interested parties in any geographic corner of the world please notify us if we may be able to help you in any way.

After Labour Day both firms embark on a historic restoration at Cape Arundel GC http://www.capearundelgolfclub/ .com in Kennebunkport,ME. Along with Renaissance Golf’s Bruce Hepner http://www.doakgolf.com/ including bunkers,tees, drainage improvements, irrigation enhancement, and the installation of XGD on several greens here. I must say this Walter Travis design has remained relatively untouched and we are excited to be involved with such a classic old club’s restoration. Later in September, and early October see XGD rolling in to peak production again as we have several greens restoration projects to get excited about which I will reveal in upcoming blogs.

Next week also is the start up of another TDIGolf classic restoration at Lambton GC in Toronto. This major retool of the oldest Toronto club on its initial property is being overseen by noted US Open Doctor Rees Jones http://www.reesjonesinc.com/ . The bunker drainage techniques being employed here will be the first of its kind ever undertaken, and we are excited to be involved in this way as well. TDI/XGD Systems are extremely busy in the Canadian market this year which is different than most years, but probably reflective of the US financial sector downturn that seems to be recovering slowly, while the ON market is marginally better. I must say it certainly is refreshing to be working closer to home, albeit just for short periods of time off and on this summer.

Bye for now, Poor Old Dirt & Grass Farmer

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