Westmoor Country Club, WI 6 Years Removed from Renovation

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I recently caught up with GCS Bryan Bergner at Westmoor CC, WI to get some feedback from a renovation XGD was involved with assistance from TDIGolf and Lohmann Golf Design. This 18 hole renovation included our greens drainage in all greens, and a regrass to a modern bentgrass, along with updated bunkers and tees. Four new greens were constructed using an XGD Modified Construction with the following scope:

– construction of a 4″ deep greens cavity
– installation of 2″ XGD pipe system on our normal 6′ spacing, but at 10″ deep
– backfill of trenches with 7:2:1 greens mix
– installation of 4″ of same 7:2:1 greens mix

The reason for the modified greens construction is the club did not want four USGA greens among its other sixteen pushups, instead wanting a more push-up style green matching with the 7:2:1 backfill consistent on all 20 greens.

Six years after the fact, GCS Bryan Bergner has been managing the greens and is extremely happy with the results save for one fact. Bryan wishes the spec had been changed for greens mix depth from 4-6″ as he has one particular green that does not dry down as fast as the others. This was great feedback and also is something we have been doing on our XGD Modified Greens Construction specs moving forward anyways.

Below is a pic from the modified greens profile exhibiting the now 5-6 inches of rootzone profile after several years of topdressing and another pic of the pristine conditions Westmoor provides their members, along with the Bee Pods Brian maintains out at the course at Westmoor:

So reach out to us at XGD if we might be able to get your facility some budget numbers on your next greens restoration project.

Regards, Poor Old Dirt & Grass Farmer

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