What Is A Pushup Green?

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After completing the previous post, I just realized that I was assuming everyone knows what a pushup green is?

Generally speaking a “pushup green” was literally pushed up or slightly elevated to distinguish itself from the other landscaping around it. eg. bunkers, fairway,approaches
As the photo shows, the bunkers were excavated, and usually the fairway was lowered, while the material excavated was used to build the green. Hence, the green was pushed up.
Pushup greens are our bread and butter. Most greens built pre 1970 are a type of pushup. While most greens built after this era are sand greens trying to match or matching with USGA http://www.usga.org/ recommended guidelines for putting green construction.
XGD Systems is an alternative to rebuilding to sand greens. Most older clubs are reluctant to modernize to the sand green as rebuilding the green to its original contours is rarely achieved well, as the new green or greens generally look brand new. XGD is a way to modernize the green while keeping the original architects intent intact. Some clubs take it a step farther and take the opportunity to incorporate a new bentgrass variety along with XGD in a gas/regrass type of project. A few examples of clubs to do this are Saucon Valley CC in Bethlehem,PA and Westmoor CC in Brookfield, WI.
Pushup greens are rarely built in today’s era, as they take too long to construct without using heavy equipment. Although our mothership http://www.tdigolf.com/ recently built two of them at Toronto GC, during a major restoration there in 09. I have several old blogs referencing XGD’s part in that and I encourage anyone interested to review these blog archives.
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