What Is The XGD Difference?

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What a great question. Why are we better, more focused, have more fun at what we do?

The ultimate trade secret, has more to do with communication skills than we would like to admit. For all the quality installations that we provide throughout he country, and in new and emerging marketplaces, I will throw out that is our awesome working culture that we have created here at XGD-That Makes the XGD Difference.
Our extremely loyal long term staff are astoundingly great at their craft. Easily the best across the globe at what we do, and we are proud of that. That type of workmanship is on display again in this picture from Charles River CC http://www.charlesrivercc.org/ , as I arrived around 6pm one evening. The guys are just giving the worked over sod a tiny little refresher mist for the evening here.
Also, please take away from this gorgeous pic another part of the XGD Difference. That being the particular layout on this green with a large swale in the middle. At XGD our layout professionals care more about intersecting gravitational groundwater than any others in the business. As well, on this green there is a specific interceptor line installed around the whole back of the green perimeter, cutting off crucial seepage water from entering along the green edges. I highly doubt any of our competition even comprehends what we are trying to do here, as these types of attention to detail are ingrained in to our installations pros right from the get go. Anyone can lay out a greens drainage installation. Only XGD can layout an XGD installation, and be sure all the unique situations of groundwater movement are taken in to consideration at the most important time of layout.
Cheers, Poor Old Dirt & Grass Farmer
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