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A picture really does say a thousand words doesn’t it? Or at least in this case I will let it save me several hundred of my usual babble in to dirt and grass:

This picture comes courtesy of our trip to Las Vegas recently and the Golf Course Builders Assoc. of America booth at the GIS show. Besides the above soil profile they also had profiles of all kinds of greens varying from USGA greens to modified sand greens. I will offer this is a very good representation of the typical push up green soil profile we come across:

i) the bottom of the profile is basically native dirt
ii) the middle darker profile is representative of organic matter build up over more than 100 years in some cases, and some will contain a layer of the original construction
iii) the upper profile in this pic seems to match our general trench backfill, although normally there is the 4″ of topdressing sand shown, of course it regularly appears in layers of sand and organic matter one on top of the other

In summary, I just wanted to thank the GCBAA, of which we are a member, for a great booth that was very well attended and went a long way in educating everyone what real green soil profiles can look like.

Cheers, Poor Old Dirt & Grass Farmer

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