Whats In A Name?”Poor Old Dirt & Grass Farmer”

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This is my sign off name. Which blogs don’t generally use. But hey, this blog is different. I scooped the general idea for this handle from a Levon Helm http://www.levonhelm.com/ (only American in the group The Band) song and album. Levon’s song is titled Poor Old Dirt Farmer, so naturally I inserted Grass to round out XGD Systems contribution.

Here are some truisms from me. These things I know:

1) I am not poor.(but will cry that I am to all that would listen)

2) I am old.(specifically I feel old)

3) I farm dirt.

4) I farm grass.

5) I am a farmer by birth.

Funny, how the turfgrass industry is a sort of “clean farming”, if you will. Turfgrass projects generally are more clean, and free of manure, mostly.

Back on topic though. In a way XGD Systems http://www.greensdrainage.com/ ,farms out the old dirt out of your golf greens, and we then farm back in a type of new dirt. Or at least, a new and improved dirt(greensmix), with larger particle sizes than the old dirt(clay). We do that on 99% of our installations. On one unique install, XGD farmed back in the old dirt, instead of farming back in some new dirt. We had success on that site and this summer we have the opportunity to complete this installation again on the 18 classic greensites at the venerable Toronto Golf Club http://www.torontogolfclub.com/ , the third oldest club in NA. This is a joint project with our parent firm TDIGolf http://www.tdigolf.com/ , who are completing major course renovations with renowned English architect Dr. Hawtree http://www.hawtree.co.uk/ .

As a result of all that XGD is looking forward to spending the summer months closer to home for some of us. Just need to keep on keeping on about the Dirt & Grass Farming, and change up the uniqueness of the XGD install, now and then. I will endeavour to keep you updated on the new green construction techniques at the Toronto GC, and also share some info on some XGD Modified Greens in Wisconsin we recently completed that some say, will change the way Midwest golf clubs perform their renovations. Keeping it real and fun is key.

Poor Old Dirt & Grass Farmer

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