Why Choose XGD Systems For Your Next Golf Restoration Project?

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I know that the blog title is a mouthful, but I was reminded recently of the XGD Difference if you will. I mean let’s all be real in the moment here and ask this question if you are a prospective client of ours, why not save a few pennies and opt for a different greens restoration contractor for your next golf green update?

If you keep reading I will attempt to show you why, and or win you over. In a few simple words, our huge number of experienced, precision, sodding experts is what “Sets Us Apart” from any other group trying to complete our stellar, precision services on golf greens across the continent. While the points/processes leading up to the final sod project are important, leaving the golf green or fairway in a more pristine condition than when we walked on it is our ultimate goal that we achieve on a daily basis.

Have a look at these precision sodding experts from our ongoing internal subsurface greens drainage installation at North Olmsted, OH,  at the Springvale Golf Course, where we are completing a bunker/green restoration project to upgrade the infrastructure with golf architect Barry Serafin from Columbus and you may grasp why XGD is #1:

XGD Projects Manager Matt Magarian is on site here after a short hiatus with the parent firm TDIGolf, and we are happy to have him back in the fold for our crazy busy fall installation period in 2011. Not only are we thrilled to have Matt back but so will our Midwest XGD clients who have begun to rely on Matt’s attentive install services. The above video also showcases the productivity in sod replacement that can be attained with a highly organized staff that we employ at XGD. The video shows that the sod cannot be brought to the XGD lateral fast enough for Jesus to lay it, while Jose is just busting it, trying to keep up with the sod placement for the install.

It is this type of attention to detail and production that have positioned XGD Systems as the industry leader in all facets of greens restoration.
So reach out to us here at XGD as we would entertain any type of discussion as to how our unique Precision Services may aid your facility in some way.

Best Regards, Poor Old Dirt & Grass Farmer

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