Why Do Clubs Choose XGD Over and Over Again?

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They choose our internal greens restoration alternative for a variety of reasons.

I wanted to touch on one that gets little press: At XGD we use more narrow slot underdrain pipe/green than any other gimmick alternatives you may read about. Yes, simply put as our clients are invoiced by the square foot, our installation professionals continually create the best subsurface greens drainage layouts in the business by a country mile and it isn’t close.
As you look at our GREEN TEAM in action here today, with full fall colours in the background, our staff all has been trained in the art of the greens drainage layout. You would be shocked to learn what key agronomists think of our competition’s layout. Other gimmicky alternatives to our greens restoration process fail to do a lot of key steps during the most important part of the process, the LAYOUT. Simply put, they don’t get it and continue on just not getting it.
At XGD Systems we deliver what we promise: The finest layout skills in the business.
A common thread on our referrals: “XGD superceded my expectations”, at XGD we all strive to have all clients exuberantly acknowledge that above quote on expectations. I know it may be cliche in the business world, but at XGD we do promise and deliver more than you pay for each and every time, one client at a time.
So please shoot us a note if we can stop by to review any or all of your club’s specific golf drainage needs.
Later, Poor Old Dirt & Grass Farmer
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