Why Do Clubs Only Install Greens Drainage on a few greens?

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As XGD’s biggest proponent this query still puzzles me.

In fact a treasured client just told me, he couldn’t understand why clubs don’t outfit all 18 of their greens with our internal subsurface drainage system.
Our client says a common answer to this question is that,”I only need it on a few of my worst greens”.


Do clubs spray fungicides only on their worst performing greens??

No, always all 18 greens/collars/approaches.  Why this type of blanket coverage isn’t always considered with XGD Systems is beyond me?  Any answers out there??

The non-invasive, surgical type installation of our internal greens drainage system is a one time capital expense that many have undertaken to aid in the long term agronomic success of their highest valued turfgrass.

At the Glen View Club, north of Chicago, Tony Frandria and his club were on the lookout for this type of option as an another tool in their arsenal against extreme weather conditions becoming prevalent in the last several years. This club completed all of their greens over a three year installation window from 2006-2008.

But I digress back to our client, who felt the ability to control the gravitational groundwater table during the summer of 2010 was a major reason he had virtually no issues this past summer. This is a fairly common theme from several XGD clubs in 2010 as we begin to follow up with our long term clients over the past 18 years we have been installing our existing greens drainage process.
Isn’t the ultimate goal of each golf club to give its loyal customers, and their friends consistent playing surfaces. At XGD that is what we give you as our final finished product:

A finely tuned putting surface with consistent soil moisture which translates to putting surface consistency each and every time.

So, why not reach out to us at XGD Systems, and we can get your facility some budgetary numbers for your next capital planning meeting?

Regards, Poor Old Dirt & Grass Farmer

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