Why is it The XGD “SYSTEM” ?

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I just had a club visit where I was asked if we could do a wet area on a few specific greens, as the rest of the green is always dry?
As well, I was asked if we could just install a smile drain here or there?
Lets look at the definition of Systems: A group of interrelated, or interdependent elements forming a complex whole. Whew, some pretty big words there so lets see if I can simplify a little: A group of related elements(subsurface drainage laterals) forming(working together) to create a whole(drying out a green).
Let’s add the XGD abbreviation to that and you get: EXisting Greens Drainage is a group of drain pipes working together to dry out a golf green.
As the picture illustrates, this is the reason for our 6′ spacing, and our minimum depth of 14″. After 25 years in the golf drainage business I can confidently tell you that single pipe installations are not at all like drainage system installations, as single pipes do exactly nothing to solve high gravitational groundwater problems. Honestly, I have seen it over and over again, and it is a complete waste of your time. The same can be said for a golf course fairway single pipe install, unless complimented with numerous surface inlets, it is not worth the effort, as the gravitational ground water table will still be at or near the surface.
The biggest benefit of our unique greens restoration process is the drawdown of the water table. During heavy precipitation events(as the bathtub is filling up), all the air pore space needs to completely fill up with the useless gravitational groundwater, and then and only then will our system begin the drawdown process. As this quickly occurs(15-30 minutes), this is when we can really help you out as that is when the water table drawdown occurs, the groundwater is replaced with oxygen allowing the turf plant to breathe and flourish. This benefit really helps you out during the evening as soil temps don’t drop enough and your green is literally choking/baking to death.
Finally, I will say XGD is not a panacea to all your turf drainage problems, because without sunlight and decent air circulation, we will only minimally affect your green. But, our clients continually say that existing greens drainage is one of the most important tools in their arsenal against heat and moisture extremes.
Cheers, Poor Old Dirt & Grass Farmer
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