“Worst to First” with XGD Systems

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This blog title has been a common thread from all XGD clients. It is used as a means to an end of getting all your greens outfitted with the XGD System.
Please contact us at 772-286-3419 or at http://www.greensdrainage.com/ for a free telephone consultation on your specific greens drainage issues.
Do you ever worry that your single green XGD demo project won’t catch the interest of XGD Systems?
Put an end to that worry. At XGD Systems we have always endeavoured to put the needs of our single green clients at the same priority as our larger clients. We have always understood the need to improve your worst green and transform it in to your best green to help make an immediate impact at your club. An example of this in the picture above is a green we completed at Oak Hill CC http://www.oakhillcc.com/ over 12 years ago. With that green still performing admirably after all this time we have begun an installation program at Oak Hill to complete the balance of their greens drainage needs over the next few years.
At XGD Systems, our subsurface greens drainage and fairway installation teams have always been extremely mobile. We will always be the first to break in to and establish new alternative markets for our unique process. We developed and trademarked our process years ago, and as a result of that we understand how our system interacts with all different soil types.
Our installation teams have completed nearly 3000 golf greens. That is nearly 10 times the experience of our competition. That number doesn’t include our numerous fairway XGD installation projects.
So again please contact us at http://www.greensdrainage.com/ to sign up for your Free Greens/Fairway Drainage Telephone Consultation.
Later, Poor Old Dirt & Grass Farmer
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