XGD and Regrass Combinations in Lubbock,TX

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As most of our clients have been openly debating on how their greens are holding up after the BIG THAW, I can honestly just advise to use your resources to help you out if it physically and economically viable to do so. If not, don’t sweat it…

Now on to a picture I just found of the grow in of one of the greens we installed internal, subsurface drainage, and fumigated(using sub), and sodded with some fresh, local bentgrass sod:

This 36 hole public golf facility in Lubbock, TX is Meadowbrook CC, Canyon and Creek Courses and is managed by Mike Painter from Eagle Golf , and XGD has drained several greens here over the last few years, and will continue on with the program initiated by the facility to improve their greensites through proper drainage and new, modern grass varieties.

Regrassing older greensites and outfitting them with a modern drainage system is a home run for all concerned parties, whether it is for a municipality like the City of Lubbock in this story, or an ultra private club facility. You just cannot go wrong with such an undertaking with the help of project management from start to finish with XGD Systems, as several of our noted clients will tell you.

Regards, Poor Old Dirt & Grass Farmer

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