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If you read one of my early blogs on XGD and TDIGolf’s history, I commented on how hard it was to help develop a business from scratch. A serious amount of pavement pounding and building of key professional relationships. Recently, we had to send a letter to our “competition”, advising them to remove a picture of our XGD staff in action from their website. Yes, you read that correctly, our competition actually had a picture, taken by XGD, of our staff in action on a green on their website. How bold is that? Pretty brazen move, no doubt.

As recently as a year ago, another XGD copycat was put on notice for similar, questionable business practices. Now, don’t get my intent wrong here. I’m all for healthy,”fair” competition. What was I to do? Stand on the sidelines,and silently observe such unethical conduct. There isn’t another business anywhere that would do that, or else they are not in business anymore. No, these types of things demand quick, immediate action. And that’s what XGD did. We built XGD and TDIGolf, http://www.tdigolf.com/ on sound,ethical business practices, and if any of our competition want to succeed, they may want to “copycat” that portion of our business plan.

So, I just wanted to throw this out there. Contrary to what some may believe, if XGD Systems is not your greens drainage contractor, then you are not getting an XGD System on your green. Period.Solid fact. No ifs,ands or buts. XGD copycats will try to differentiate themselves from XGD by changing some of their installation specifications. This is where they will fail, and not give their customers a permanent, long-term solution. Our first several greens we completed in southwestern Ontario over 15 years ago, are still performing admirably. This is because we feel that XGD, http://www.greensdrainage.com/ is a significant investment by any club trying to procure the long term agronomic success of their greens. This is the premise upon which XGD Systems was built, and I question whether our competition has that in mind when they attempt to perform open heart surgery on your greens.

Regards, Poor Old Dirt & Grass Farmer
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