XGD Fairway Drainage Returns to Hinsdale GC, IL

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XGD Supervisor Josh Pigg just wrapped up another XGD fairway drainage project at an extremely loyal past client of both XGD and TDIGolf , Hinsdale Golf Club just outside of Chicagoland. Our long history here includes a TDIGolf restoration nearly 10 years ago, which included new tees and  renovated bunkers under architect Billy Fuller from GA, founder of the Better Billy Bunker. Back then it was just the Billy Bunker, which utilized a peastone base minus the new polymer used in today’s system. These days, TDI and XGD are licensed installers of this innovative hard liner bunker design, and are busy around the country installing these systems. Approximately five years ago XGD rolled in to drain all their pushup greens to our exacting standards, and GCS Brad Chamra states the greens are better than ever. Finally, just over a year ago we installed the first phase of fairway drainage on a test hole which was followed up with phase two this year on several fairways. Ultimately, the club plans to drain all of its fairways with XGD. Below is a shot of one of the fairways under the knife:

Note the laser setup which is critical to keeping positive grade on every inch of pipe we have ever installed. This is how we can provide every client with a sound functioning drainage system that will stand the test of time and give every XGD client great bang for their buck. I will leave you with this great finish shot of our typical XGD workmanship:

Note the left side of this installation is much more visible as it was completed in and around some heavy downpours experienced during this project. But, hey it does exhibit our works nicely as otherwise viewing the right side of this pic, well, you can hardly even tell we were there. Goal accomplished yet again.

So give us a shout if we might be able to get you some budget numbers for your next golf course capital improvement project.

Over and out, Poor Old Dirt & Grass Farmer

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