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Now, I will assume most of my readers know that we also complete fairway drainage projects, right?
Well, for those that didn’t know, let me enlighten you on this service which we have always offered, but never featured the service as we do now.

This picture shows some of our XGD handywork at Lyman Orchards GC  in Middlefield,CT. This particular installation included our 2″ XGD Underdrain installed on 10′ centers in this picture, but depending on specific site conditions we moved the trench spacing in to 7′ on center in remarkably wet fairway conditions.
Lyman chose to open trench the XGD laterals with our 3.25″ wide trench laterals, and let Mother Nature pay a big part in naturally restoring the laterals by simply letting them grow over, which occurs in a few months time under normal precipitation events. Some clubs will choose to drop some seed over the narrow trenches which can assist the grassing, but just letting the trench grow togther will work as well.
If you can’t resod, and aren’t enamored with the regrassing process I described above, the next  best regrassing option is to run an aerifier up and down the side of each XGD lateral, and shovel the cores/sprigs back in to the XGD trench, and they will regrass your trech quickly and evenly.

So reach out to us if we might assist you with your next fairway drainage project, be it with a complete site drainage evaluation with a master drainage plan, or just some budget numbers for some smaller fairway areas.  At XGD, we are a full service drainage company specializing in all types of turf restorations, big and small.

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