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We are well underway at Cape Arundel GC in Kennubunkport,ME with both versions of our XGD Systems with three fairway crews and one greens crew. It is a fortunate time of year to be ramping up to near full production midway through September.
XGD/TDI project managers have some nice accommodations on Wells Beach for this project. This past weekend I ruled victorious in our Sunday afternoon boccie match on the hard sand conditions there. A special shout out to XGD Project Manager Mark Rowan and his family for hosting us at their “camp”, as they refer to it. I’ve been to camp, and those conditions exceed the camp version by a country mile.
This past summer’s heavy rainfall east of the Ohio Valley has a lot of clubs experiencing moist conditions in their subsoils with water tables right at the surface, sometimes making mowing a damaging practice. As a result XGD is extremely busy this fall and we are ready for it with a highly trained experienced staff returning at a fevered pace.
TDIGolf http://www.tdigolf.com/ is rolling along at Arundel as well with their large staff ripping and tearing, at least that is the initial step before restoration begins. I always said during my 19 years in restoration, ” it has to look very messy before it can look stunning thereafter”. Arundel superintendent Brendan Parkhurst has his hands full juggling this large project as the irrigation crew is poised to begin this past week as well. Brendan is really excited about the project , and why not, as it will help him maintain the club at a level he can control, rather than the old reliance on Mother Nature, as this is the first fairway irrigation ever installed at this classic old club which likes to stay true to its roots, which is part of the charm at Arundel, and honestly you can really feel it around those funky old Walter Travis greens.
Not to forget about Toronto Golf Club XGD install too. We are nearing completion at this treasure in about 3-4 weeks and TDI still has a substantial amount of work to finish up before the snow flies. As our crews move about, I endeavour to keep you all posted on some of the historic clubs we are performing our surgical installation at this coming fall/early winter.
Out, Poor Old Dirt & Grass Farmer
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