XGD Systems and TDIGolf in tandem at Cape Arundel GC

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This picture from April 2010 illustrates a tandem effort with TDGolf and ourselves at Cape Arundel GC in Kennebunkport,ME. A fabulously unique property off the shore of the ocean. In the background of the picture is one of the massive tidal canal rivers (at low tide) that course through this property, adding to its character and design intent that Walter Travis laid upon the land.

Also note the concrete paver cart path install by TDI and XGD. A more natural way to provide a stable road on the unstable slope of a heavy clay soil rife with underground springs and sidehill seepage due to its slopey topography. The pavers are about 4″ thick and have a compacted gravel base and backfill within a few inches of final grade, and then some topsoil is sprinkled in to the paver gaps and on to the center and edges. The next step is to grass with sod in the center and sides and seed the concrete paver gaps. I must say I have not been back to the site since last summer, and will return to get pictures and review functionality of this living cart path.

XGD installed nearly 30,000 lineal feet of our 2″ XGD Underdrain at Cape Arundel on greens and fairways. XGD helped redesign the drainage infrastructure and provide the club with a more golf friendly drainage system that has a more deliberate design element aimed at gravitational groundwater control, which was a serious problem at Arundel, to the point that some fairway/rough areas could not be mowed in certain times of the year. By streamlining the sizes of mainlines, significant cost savings were realized, which were used to help nail all the fairway drainage issues at this golf treasure.

So all in all, a very successful tag team project with our parent company and kudos to Brendan Parkhurst and his maintenance staff at Arundel as they were extremely cooperative to work with. I will return soon and post some more grown-in pictures of this unique property.

Thanks, Poor Old Dirt & Grass Farmer

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