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Well, it has been a busy winter period for us here at XGD. We have been reevaluating a lot of how we do things here, and are moving forward with an announcement letting everyone know of our expanded new services which we have been doing already, just getting ready for a formal announcement which will occur when our new promotional material is ready.
In the meantime, my brief descriptions below will have to do:

XGD Classic Drainage Proven, Precision Services

XGD Greens Drainage
Our classic XGD Systems, drainage perfection for your greens.

Drainage Restoration of Sand Based Greens
Precise augmentation of the sand based green drainage infrastructure.
Approach Drainage
Our classic XGD Systems, drainage precision for your approaches.
Fairway Drainage
Our classic XGD Systems, to remedy wet fairways.
Bunker Drainage
An adaptation of our classic XGD Systems, for perfect bunker drainage.

XGD Restoration, Proven Proven Services

Greens Regrassing
Precise turf renewal on putting surfaces.
Greens Regrading,Greens Expansion
Exacting modification of classic green contours and recapturing greens surface area.
Tee Regrading
Exacting modification of tee surfaces.
Classic Greens Restoration
Hand built craftsmanship to replicate early greens era greens construction.

And there you have it folks, now you are completely up to date on our new ventures and happenings. Not a big change from what we normally do at all. Feel free to contact us or any of our past clients to see how XGD can help you move forward with any of your minor club restorations.

Cheers, Poor Old Dirt & Grass Farmer

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