XGD Work In Progress at Prairie Dunes Country Club

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XGD Supervisor Keith Kirsch is in golf’s god’s country if you will in Hutchinson, KS at Prairie Dunes Country Club . XGD is in the middle of another phase of the greens infrastructure improvements they annually make at this Perry and Press Maxwell masterpiece of a property north of the Arkansas River, formed thousands of years ago when the river was more like a lake.

Superintendent Stan George regrassed these greens over 5 years ago, and I adore the colour of the dormant bentgrass putting surface this time of year:

Below, Keith’s staff is diligently backfilling some XGD laterals on the ninth green here at Prairie Dunes…
Even on some of the sandiest golf sites in the world, sand and soil layering will inevitably occur. And, not all sand is good, especially when glacial till has blown through it for a thousand years.
Yes folks, those “particle sizes” are always a changing.
So reach out to us at XGD, perhaps we can help mainstream some of your cultural practices, and set up your clubs treasured greens for the long term, like Prairie Dunes has done.
Cheers, Poor Old Dirt & Grass Farmer
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