Your Hired, Better Than “Your Fired” from the Donald

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Check out this link from the Guelph Mercury form Saturday with some more behind the scenes action on Geoff Corlett’s phone call with Donald Trump.

As the article mentions, the extreme lavishness of this club was a big player in its development. From minor details such as the plethora of on course waterfalls, to the landscaping, to the creek dissecting a few holes, to this course having the highest elevation changes/vistas in south Florida, you name it Trump International Golf Club  pretty much has it all, and then some:

A fantastic entrance is critical to any club right?

The rear view is important as well. Here we were last Saturday checking final grades on the first green to be completed, the putting green. Adam Francis and Mark Rowan are checking critical finished grade points to aid in the final float of the greens surface and subsequent tie-ins to the secondary surfaces.

I would be remiss not to show a little landscaping sometimes evident here. Sure is pretty.

It has been an absolute pleasure working with the the staff at Trump International GC and superintendent Andrew Kjos to regrass this Jim Fazio marvel. Stay tuned for more updates and pictures from this gorgeous greens restoration project, and reach out to us see how easy it is for XGD Systems to get you your facility a budget number on greens regrassing or general restoration project you may be considering.

Cheers, Poor Old Dirt & Grass Farmer

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