Golf courses tend to wear out over time.

Whether your course’s issues stem from increased usage, adverse weather conditions, or simply the demands of the modern game, the team at TDI Golf can provide a solution.

We understand that people’s expectations for golf have changed. Advances in golfing equipment demand more challenging terrain with additional hazards and longer yardage. At the same time, it is important for classic courses to retain their historic features and playability.

When we take on a restoration, our team will conduct a comprehensive assessment of your course and create a custom solution to address specific challenges.

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Bunker Restoration

Bunkers define the overall personality of a golf course. Great bunkers will enhance the aesthetics of a hole and add to player’s enjoyment, but poor conditions can have a noticeable impact on the experience. Over time, it is easy for sand to get contaminated, bunker edges to move or collapse, and erosion to change the playing surface.

At TDI Golf, we deliver custom Bunker Restorations to address the specific needs of your course. Our team can provide a variety of solutions that include:

  • Updating bunkers with tournament-grade sand for best performance
  • Restoring damaged bunker edges and overhangs
  • Installing bunker liners, based on your preferences (concrete, polymeric sand, etc.)
  • Preventing future erosion with a subsurface drainage system

Note: TDI Golf is a licensed and certified installer of all bunker liners on the market today, including L-R Better, Billy Bunker, Capillary Concrete and Erosion Fabric.

Fairway Regrassing

If your members are complaining about dead spots or too many grass varieties on the course, then a simple regrassing of the fairways may be the solution. This process involves no changes to contours or leveling out — our team will simply remove the old turf and replace it.

TDI Golf will typically take up to 1 month to complete a Fairway Regrassing project.

Greens Regrassing & Regrading

Greens turf often requires attention from club staff, depending on weather conditions and level of usage. Although a green cannot always be repaired with simple maintenance, a full restoration is not necessary in every situation.

A simple regrassing and regrading of your greens can soften the surface, allowing for a pace of play that matches the expectations of golfers. During this process, our team will replace your existing turf with new sod and regrade the area to restore its original conditions.

TDI Golf will typically take up to 1 month to complete a Greens Regrassing & Regrading project.

Greens Restoration

On any golf course, the condition of greens will be key factor in overall quality. Greens change over time, tending to become smaller, rounder in shape, and faster for play — which can impact a golfer’s experience.

With any restoration, the goal is to return a green to its historic state, while ensuring it plays to the standards of today’s game. Each green restoration has its own unique set of challenges. We tailor our approach to address any specific issues that we observe:

  • Providing fine grading to create a smooth putting surface
  • Expanding or adapting the green shape to match its original design
  • Installing subsurface drainage systems to improve turf quality
  • Preserving current sod during the restoration process

TDI Golf will typically take up to 4 months to complete a Greens Restoration project.

Tee Restoration

The conditions of your tees will degrade over time — just like any other feature of the course. Depending on the needs of your club, our team can provide drainage, regrassing or leveling as part of our Tee Restoration services.

Many modern, family-oriented clubs are also adding tees for juniors and ladies. We can assist with the construction of these features as well, if necessary.

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