Is your turf suffering from water damage or soil compaction?

XGD Systems can offer a permanent drainage solution to provide healthier conditions. We will customize a plan that fits your specific site conditions, based on your budget and an assessment from our team.

Great care is taken to protect the turf on your golf course or sports fields during installation. Excavated soil is removed from the approaches and pipes are installed using laser grading controls to ensure proper drainage in the long-term. Each trench is placed at a designated spacing and incline, then backfilled, compacted and sodded as necessary.

In addition to being expert craftsmen, we understand the business side as well. Our process can have your facility restored and playable in one to three days — thanks to the skill and experience of our team.

Browse our precision drainage services to learn more about each option.

Approach Drainage

The XGD System™ ensures that wet approaches are effectively drained and soil compaction is not an issue. Our drainage systems can restore your course to its original conditions, with holes open for play the day following installation.

Bunker Drainage

At XGD Systems, we have adapted our trademarked systems to provide perfect bunker drainage. Bunkers add an element of character to a golf course, but erosion from heavy rainfall can cause bunker maintenance to become a major drain on club resources.

The Bunker Drainage system is designed to reduce the demands of maintenance on bunkers. The system is laid out to capture water immediately when it enters the bunker, with micro-slit piping installed in a trench. The trench is then backfilled with bunker sand, eliminating the possibility of gravel contamination.

Fairway Drainage

The XGD System™ provides wet fairways with a clean and effective drainage system, which can be installed with minimal disruption. The new Fairway Drainage system will be functional immediately and holes can be open for play the day after an installation.

Greens Drainage

Green Drainage is the original service provided by XGD Systems — and it’s where our many years of experience show. Golf greens are the most played section of any course and it is important to preserve their historic features, while providing impeccable turf conditions. Your Greens Drainage system will deliver a playable green after two to three days of work.

Master Drainage Planning

XGD Systems’ Master Drainage Plans are created for specific facilities. When building a plan, our team will visit your site to assess the drainage needs of each individual golf hole or sports field and find the best possible solution for each location.

Following our assessment, we will provide your organization with a full design & budget, itemized on a hole by hole basis for golf courses. The design and budget breakdown is formatted so it can be easily presented to a committee or board.

Download a Sample Plan

Sports Field Drainage

The XGD System™ has been highly successful when adapted to sports fields. If your facility is suffering from water damage or soil compaction issues, then a drainage system can help ensure playability throughout the year.

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