Another Busy Golf Green and Fairway Drainage Installation Season

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We are starting preparations on one of our busiest installation windows at XGD Systems. Equipment and staffing are entertaining discussions in the preamble to ramping up for the season.

At XGD we have some really interesting potential projects unfolding for us that I can’t wait to blog about once they begin.
As I show another picture of our non-invasive golf green surgery, I can’t help but emphasize the complete XGD difference. With over 2500 golf greens restored to our own exacting specifications we feel our track record is unparallelled in the industry. Our subsurface golf greens installation teams have so much experience at this over the last 20 year period that our clients always get the best long term product that they can get in the industry.
Our professionally finished final product at XGD is virtually invisible to the naked eye not trained in golf maintenance. This unrivalled finished product sets us apart from the competition leaving our clients with a comfort level they never have seen before. Our responsive installation teams listen and understand to a full gamut of individual concerns from clients and strive to be sensitive to requests and questions on our methodologies. We are always learning at XGD, and as golf greens evolve over time with or without XGD, it is always fascinating to see new management/construction techniques evolve and be put in to use. It will also be interesting to observe the XGD Systems greens restoration process, and how it lasts over the long term beyond it’s now 20 year history.
So please contact us at if we might be able to review your unique turf drainage issues at your club or sports field. Our unique understanding of the soil moisture relationship allows us to take a different view on all your specific turf drainage issues.
Cheers, Poor Old Dirt & Grass Farmer
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