Fall Weather is on the Doorstep

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My picture will imply some seriously cold weather, but it is on the way, and for some quicker than they would like to believe.
I awoke this morning to a low in the 50’s, and even for my Canadian location that is a cool reminder of whats on the way. All my golf superintendent clientele will and are starting to breathe a sigh of relief as the cooler weather will soon prevail giving golf turfgrass a chance to regain some normalcy and begin to function like a healthy thriving turfgrass plant that it is. However, in the summer conditions of heat, combined with humidity, and mixed with drought or too much rainfall the turf plant never stood a chance as several months of unseasonable conditions left greens turf across the continent vulnerable to a host of diseases.
These extreme weather conditions have left many clubs searching for long term agronomic solutions to combat severe weather conditions. Of course the answer is the same over and over again like the broken record. The turf plant needs to be at its optimum or best heading in to the extreme weather situations, and have enough carbs stored up to withstand months of not making carbs. An easy first step to help accomplish this is faster soil warmups in the early spring. An XGD greens http://www.greensdrainage.com/ soil temperature will warm up two weeks faster than another non-xgd green at your club period. How is this achieved? By removing gravitational water immediately out of the soil profile, which keep your soil temps cool while XGD greens soil temps are accepting the suns rays quicker, alleviating any slow growth due to any possible ice damage, or just generally making that particular turf sward (your greens), as healthy as they can be possibly as early and late in to the growing season as well.
So please contact us to see if our internal subsurface greens drainage process might make a difference on your greens or fairways. Over 2500 satisfied green sites across the country and in your area this fall probably. We look forward to beginning a dialogue with anyone to determine if our greens restoration services which also include turnkey services to include regrassing or resodding, while at the same time sharing our insight and knowledge to possible solutions that we have been working with at our clients facilities for over 20 years.
Best Regards, Poor Old Dirt & Grass Farmer
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