It’s All About The Greenpads

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We have been preparing a lot of estimates over the past month or so on putting green enhancements or improvements. These types of estimates generally include some combination of the following: classic XGD, regrassing to seed, regrassing to sod, greens regrading or re contouring, and greens expansion or recapturing of the classic existing greenpad.

The vile poa annua weed typically struggles this time of year, and the weather extremes over the past three summers have several clubs considering their options for the long term. While existing greens drainage is certainly a piece of the puzzle, more and more facilities are looking long and hard at regrassing their putting surfaces to a modern stand of creeping bentgrass. The alternatives are status quo or rebuilding the green completely to USGA specifications, which is an expensive and disruptive option, which involves a much longer closure of the club than the improvements I mentioned earlier.
So if you have classic pushup greenpads like the one below, why would you even consider rebuilding these precious gems and losing the original intent of your famed clubs architect?
Well, you really wouldn’t consider it at all, but you might consider XGD and some regrassing and/or some re contouring to modernize your unique greenpads.
So give us a ring if we might be able to provide your facility with some budget numbers for your next greens enhancement project.
Cheers, Poor Old Dirt & Grass Farmer
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