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Well, it appears at XGD Systems we have achieved this off season what our long range goals were, and that is to provide year round employment opportunities for our great employees. Given the fact we have two projects underway at this time of year is great, as we have a fairway drainage project at Biltmore Forest CC, in Asheville, NC and recently returned to complete the balance of the greens at Wilshire CC, in CA. All of this contributes to a busier than normal winter season.

Below is a picture of our fairway project at Biltmore Forest CC, before irrigation and grassing by TDIGolf in conjunction with a large scale restoration project there headed up by Brian Silva:

The last pic is a sample project picture of a Master Drainage Plan created for a specific facility. It is just a piece of a package including a booklet with hole by hole budget cost breakdowns that can be presented to a committee in a communicative format.

So by all means, when in San Antonio next week stop by booth #16044 to discuss with us how we can take your fairway drainage long term planning to another level.

Cheers, Poor Old Dirt & Grass Farmer

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