The New “Normal” for Golf

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Just wanted to touch on a great shorty put out by Ty McClellan of the USGA’s Green Section called: A New Normal for Golf Course Maintenance

I have heard this type of new normal also referred to as “the maintenance meld”, at a specific club,  for instance contributing to the fast and firm conditions that a player might admire, or not…

Just wanted to throw my .02 worth at Ty’s article here: In this author’s humble opinion I am in total agreement with Ty’s point of view, but, and then some. Ty takes a fairly optimistic view and opines that golf may return to the opulent days of it’s past in some form or another. This is where I differ, and don’t want to appear anything like a dark cloud here, but if golf returns to its extravagant late 90’s spending spree style, than that will signal a general upturn in that type of spending throughout the world’s economies, and I realistically believe we will never see those days in my lifetime. Hopefully, these dire times we are in will force all of us to more with less, we are already doing this at XGD, and will continue to upgrade and change our products to suit new and evolving markets we don’t presently service.

So, as we get ourselves busy and moving forward in to embrace the new year, and all the challenges and opportunities it may bring, let’s focus on Golf’s new “normal”, and how you can make your club, facility, or business more efficient for your paying customers, so that golf can learn to embrace the new normal, which may be a little browner and firmer than we were used to in the late 90’s.

Thanks, Poor Old Dirt & Grass Farmer

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