What Is The Most Important Benefit of XGD Systems

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When I communicate with potential clients and I go in to my story on the variety of benefits of XGD, maybe a little something gets lost in translation? Probably like a “take home” benefit, and or something to chew on long term. I like to sum it up as a TOOL in the superintendent’s arsenal. Now, obviously the superintendent has a lot of tools such as cultural practices, fungicides etc. But, if you can look at it in such a way as to get all these tools working together to produce fantastic playing surfaces, then your whole program starts to come together.

Beyond the price of an XGD installation, the balance of the tools in the supers arsenal are included in yearly budgets, and are significant yearly expenditures. All of this is needed to keep your management practices working together and complementing each other. An example of this is deep tine aeration, which complements XGD by helping with lateral groundwater movement to our XGD pipes. My point here is the oldest XGD green we have completed is 20 years old and is still working great. The pipe we use, when out of the sunlight will last 50 years? Combine that with the fact that all of our installations have 1% grade on all of our pipes, and it is conceivable that 20 years of life may be the norm. Roughly doing the math, then a typical XGD green has only $500/year of investment. So, if you compare that number to your other maintenance budget expenditures, then XGD may be the most beneficial tool in the superintendent’s arsenal.

By all means reach out to us if we can get you some budget numbers, as who wouldn’t want an experienced crew such as the gentlemen below working at your facility.

Cheers, Poor Old Dirt & Grass Farmer

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