XGD/Regrass Results

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I was traveling through the upper midwest recently, and every region has been plagued with wet,cool springlike conditions. I was able to stop by Briarwood Country Club, IL recently and caught up with club super Justin VanLanduit as he was showing off his 1.5 year old happy new A1/A4 greens on his first hole:

Later that week, I rode out of Chicagoland up to Lake Geneva Country Club , WI, where club superintendent Andy Kronwall just opened his 8 month old T1/Alpha greens. XGD completed the management of Lake Geneva’s XGD/Gas/Regrass project and the greens are looking great already. Granted, they still need to fill in some high traffic spots, but interesting to note the club closed in late August 2012, and reopened the following Memorial Day with the wettest,coolest spring on record.
This regrass is a testament on how to do it the right way, as our internal greens drainage system(XGD) was installed the previous spring:

So, give us a shout if we can help your club upgrade your grass species.

Cheers, Poor Old Dirt & Grass Farmer

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