Aftermath of a US Open

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Getting over my Merion fatigue over the last couple of days and like the Merion GC maintenance team exclaims “I can”t believe its actually over”. I can understand that sentiment after years of preparation for a single week of showcasing your gem to the public.

Above is a picture from 2008 from the center of the fourth green looking up to the tenth tee. That sidehill had a great area for spectator viewing at The Open last week. If you look closely that is the front of the ninth green at the very left of the photograph. The turfgrass species and color of the canopy all look very similar to what we saw last week, a full five years after this March 2008 picture.

I wanted to thank Matt Shaffer and the Merion team for their helpful recognition of XGD. I believe we helped them out when they needed it most with an organic soil amendment that can only be utilized during  “catstrophic rain events”, Subsurface internal greens drainage.

A final take or synopsis from this blogger/spectator. The course looked and played tough to the players on Wednesday. By Thursday morning’s rains it had played tough. After being a part of the XGD Systems team, I have spent many days on Merion’s greens, the subtleties are great and can go unnoticed until you circle the ball a few times. Like many, I couldn’t predict that no one would make par. But, as soon as you set foot on Merion, you just get the feeling that the golf is going to be hard and pure.

Regards, Poor Old Dirt & Grass Farmer

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