XGD Greens Recontouring

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Recently, XGD supervisor Keith Kirsch and his capable crew completed three more greens for Jeff Johnson in Minneapolis at The Minikahda Club with our internal greens drainage system. While performing these installations Keith also performed some minor greens surface recontouring, such as this portion of Minikahda’s seventeenth green:

After precipitation events this green was holding surface water in a bathtub up against the collar on this spot and in three other areas on the seventeenth green. So, Keith and crew stripped sod off of these areas during the XGD install and shaved/shaped inches here and there to keep the surface water flowing off of the green immediately, rather than relying on XGD’s subsurface drainage only. This minor project will especially help the club in the winter months during freeze/thaw events when the ground is frozen and XGD cannot help this green by its own volition.

So, please reach out to us here at XGD, if we might be able to get your facility some budget numbers for your next greens improvement project.

Cheers, Poor Old Dirt & Grass Farmer

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