Cape Arundel GC Greens/Fairway XGD

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Much has been said of this grand old club on the small scale it used to exist as it was devoid of automatic irrigation until a few weeks from now. But the greens seem original and are works of art by one of the finest architects of his generation. Our subsurface drainage system has been utilized at Cape Arundel Golf Club in both fairways and greens.
Our usual impact has been made on the greens at this old venue, but a magical transformation occurred on the fairway drainage system we have installed here. This club historically has been plagued with the drainage issue “sidehill seepage”. Sidehill seepage occurs on any property when deep groundwater is moving laterally through a porous subsoil, and abruptly comes to a side slope,and impacts on some heavier textured subsoil and literally pops to the surface as seepage. Except a lot of the property is a sidehill, and including fairways and roughs, an intricate drainage system was installed with the aid of general site contractor TDIGolf , who installed the large diameter drainage piping, serving as outlets throughout the club for the fairway XGD System.
XGD Systems is also in the middle of another large diameter piping installation for another client in a high groundwater table application, much different than the drainage issues at Cape Arundel. XGD staff can diagnose the the different subsoil characteristics and provide all of our clients with accurate budget pricing points, that none in the industry can rival. Through our vast 20 years of designing/ installing golf course drainage systems we have garnered a knowledge of drainage problems seen as a fresh lens in the industry, geared to making less of an environmental impact on the land they preserve. I will show pictures/ video of this project in an upcoming post.
Cheers, Poor Old Dirt & Grass Farmer
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