Charles River CC Greens Drainage Project

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Just happened to be browsing some earlier pictures on this gorgeous old Donald Ross layout near Boston, MA. Broad, slopey greens expanded out to their original greenpads here at Charles River CC. They are not quite square, but some tight cornering make for a wild ride in to and out of the greens cavity.
Superintendent Paul Blanusa does an outstanding job here preparing the grounds for this ambitious golfing membership. The club also had us complete the XGD installation on the short grass approaches at Charles River as well. This will ensure the ground game is still a viable option to these tricky old green sites after heavy precipitation events well in to the future, while also helping guarantee the long term agronomic success of these golf greens well off in to the future. XGD is a one time expense, once completed there is no more yearly purchases associated with other greens cultural practices. Any way to reduce fungicide use, and make the fungicide work more efficiently is a good thing to do to our golfing environment everywhere. At XGD Systems we believe we can help golf continue on its way to a more sustainable future with less yearly input costs, and our subsurface greens drainage restoration goes along way to achieving the future greener future we need for golf sustainability.

Superintendents like Matt Shaffer at Merion GC, have stated that ” at Merion they now use less inputs directly because of the XGD Systems greens drainage installation”.  Certainly a bold statement, but makes a lot of sense to us at XGD. How can aiding in supplying a firmer/stronger sward of putting surface not be an absolute benefit to any clubs pushup greens? The quick soil temperature warmup of an XGD green in a two week period each, in the spring/fall just makes good agronomic sense, and is much more valuable than basic property insurance. XGD will help deliver your greens from living on the edge in stressful, hot, humid conditions to being able to better tolerate unsavoury weather conditions, that keep the soil profile hot and wet, and create an optimum soil moisture level consistent across the whole greens soil profile.

So please reach out to us if we can just flat out create some more pore space in your club’s greens profile.

Cheers, Poor Old Dirt & Grass Farmer

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