Does XGD Provide Turfgrass Disease Resistance?

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Well of course an internal subsurface greens drainage system does! But, probably more so in an indirect way.
XGD provides turfgrass disease resistance by getting the turf plant as healthy as it can be going in to the hot summer months. On a yearly basis, XGD begins working immediately after the frost is out of the ground(if your climate gets frozen ground) removing the damaging gravitational groundwater and creating more pore space in the upper soil profile so that surface water can move through and out of the soil profile. Once the useless groundwater is removed, this is when XGD Systems really starts helping out your greens and giving them an advantage that few people realize over non-XGD greens: that is simply we have noticed the soil temperature will warm up about 2 weeks faster than greens without XGD, which still have the groundwater in their soil profile keeping the soil temps cooler. What a huge advantage, giving your greens a 2 week head start on beginning turf growth and putting down deeper roots earlier, leaving the greens much more drought resistant when the summer heat hits and you have deeper roots and a healthier turf plant. What’s not to like about that scenario? Conversely, those XGD greens will stay warmer 2 weeks in to the fall season as well helping store up important carbohydrates going in to the winter.
Several XGD clients have proclaimed (although before the summer of 2010) that they just don’t have to use as many fungicide applications as they did in the past. Let’s face it folks in the near future are you going to be able to use as many fungicides as you do right now? In my home and native land, these kind of restrictions have already begun and turfgrass managers are looking in to alternative solutions to combat disease. As I said earlier, getting the turf plant as healthy as you can will give you a fighting chance when the stressful summer season gets underway.
So please contact us to enquire if our unique greens restoration process might be a good fit at your club.
Later, Poor Old Dirt & Grass Farmer
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