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I am a Patriot. A Canadian Patriot of course. As a serious sports fan I am inundated with images of the Vancouver Olympics.
When I got home Friday night I was treated to a Canadian Olympic Gold in the form of the skeleton event. Talk about a feeling of national pride when Jon Montgomery took the gold. Wow. That moment is what the Olympics is all about for me. The fact that this athlete is a unique character is just a bonus. How Canadian can a person be as Jon(an auctioneer), auctioned off a pitcher of beer live on tsn http://www.tsn.ca/ , and then proceeded to guzzle it down after declaring himself the high bidder?
This years Olympics are also pretty much perfect timing wise, occurring right after the Super Bowl, and a serious football hangover. While today(Sunday) has traditionally been reserved for football, hockey will be grand in its place. Yes, we have a monumental Canada/USA tilt in round robin play. While a loss for either team is not the end of the tournament, it is a time to measure up to the worlds best, and the rivalry between the two countries is always electric. Must see TV for sure. Hopefully, this time next week I am blogging/bragging on another Canadian Gold medal in our most famous sporting event.
Until Then, Poor Old Dirt & Grass Farmer
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