The First XGD Green

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Recently, I had occasion to be driving close by our first ever XGD install back in 1990(boy that makes me feel old). The installation occurred as the final piece of the puzzle of a major course renovation with the parent company TDIGolf . The reno included drainage improvement to all 18 fairways(approx. 80,000′ of drainage tubing) and 2 large pumping stations on the flat site,also a driving range rebuild was undertaken. This was not only groundbreaking on the original XGD green, but also for TDI(then known as Turf Drain Inc.) as this was our largest project to date.

The project site was Upper Canada Golf Course ,near Morrisburg,ON. This was a Robbie Robinson design constructed in the early 60’s. It was great to follow up on this project with superintendent Randy LeClair, who was the assistant during the install way back when. Randy is a model superintendent as it pertains to drainage maintenance. He told me how he has sourced minor problems out, and truly understands the importance of his drainage system and how it relates to turf health at his club. As we reviewed the original XGD green pictured, Randy expounded on the importance of not only maintaining that green outlet, but every other drainage outfall on his property. This site visit provided some clarity to me, as to how XGD provides one of the most important tools in the superintendent’s arsenal. That being the ability move both surface and groundwater through and out of the soil profile. An achievement highly underrated in the industry,as it is not as glamorous or as visible as all other golf maintenance practices.

I also had to reflect on our rudimentary install practices back then too. At Upper Canada, and our other early installs, we used an 18″ wide Ryan gas sod cutter. Now that was a lot of sod to handle. Our pipe supplier didn’t manufacture 2″ tees, and we used 2″ ABS plumbing fittings, along with a fair amount of duct tape. I wish I had some pics of this to compare to our more efficient methods of today. All this said, my visit to Upper Canada was most satisfying, and helps to reflect on the reciprocal relationship we have with golf club superintendents. In a nutshell, we help each other out. XGD Systems provides a valuable service to our clients, and in return they help provide us with an honest living. A partnership I am proud to be a part of.
Out, Poor Old Dirt & Grass Farmer
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