The Glen View Club and some retro XGD

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As is sometimes the case I was going over some classic pictures I have from some older installations of our internal subsurface greens drainage systems, and came across some nice pics from The Glen View Club in Golf,IL. Superintendent here Tony Frandria and crew perform a stellar job under unusually challenging situations(flooding). The club has a great few lines on the history of the club and let me highlight a few:
i) built in 1897
ii) hosted 1904 US Open
iii) 1922 redesign by William Flynn
The club converted the greens to bentgrass about 10 years ago or longer, and in my pics from spring 2007, you can see the loose look of the bunker faces, along with our precision install techniques:

I also dig the above shot on the trench profile, and you can see back in 07 Tony had a pretty good sand topdressing layer on his old push up greens, and I am sure he has probably poured on another inch over the last 4 seasons. This type of cultural practice is paramount to getting the “most bang for your buck” out of the XGD Systems investment. I always mention in my meetings the importance of these practices between our greens drainage laterals, and beyond the upper 4″ of the greens rootzone. This really aids in the lateral groundwater movement to our XGD pipes. Other practices, such as drillnfill and deep tining help achieve this and aid in the soil oxygen balance, that XGD helps provide our clients.

So reach out to the team here at XGD Systems, and we would be glad to provide your club some numbers on our Classic XGD service, as well as our vast array of other golf restoration services we offer such as regrassing.

Cheers, Poor Old Dirt & Grass Farmer

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