Tough Winter

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As I begin this post, the threat of severe flooding is being broadcast on the airwaves, the combination of several weeks of above average snowfall, followed by an all too rapid thaw. How does everyone cope with winter blues? Well myself,after maturing like a fine wine in to my forties, I use the credo of”if you can’t beat them join them”. My belief is if you are in the southern states you have “beat them”, and if you can’t get there, then you have no choice but to “join them”. I have joined the group that stays and perseveres. The last few winters I included the following in my winter activities :

1)Long Walks – less than moderate workout

2)Snowshoeing – billed as a moderate workout(dependant on snow conditions)

3)Cross-country skiing – this is the level after moderate

4)Piling Firewood – above moderate, but only lasts for a few days

This time of year also usually includes some appointment TV sports viewing, such as the Super Bowl. Having spent the last few decades servicing a mostly American clientele, I can assure you that my loyalty has changed from hockey to football. My Canadian friends will be pleading with me to say it isn’t so, but I have been converted due to the following:

1)16 games vs. 84

2)easier to follow

3)week long hype leading up to games

4)fast, efficient playoff system

5)way more of my clients are in to football vs. hockey

6)fantasy team easier to manage with only 16 games to prep for once a week

All of that said, I will detail why hockey still resonates deeply within me, and always will next.

Hockey becomes especially important to me during our Christmas break, as I watch nearly every Team Canada game of the World Junior Championships, we continue to dominate any and all comers in this under 20 event, evidenced by five straight gold medals again. I still get choked up, even as we pummel Kazakhstan 20-2. In my opinion this tournament is only remotely paralleled by the winter Olympics. Playing for your country brings out another level of greatness, especially true for Canadian hockey players. Maybe my lower opinion of hockey stems from the annual grimness of my lowly Toronto Maple Leafs. I mean, that is the easiest cop out in the world right there. All of us leaf fans yearn for the day when we pull off the trade for the next Doug Gilmour. His recent number retirement by the Leafs forced me to recall how great he was, and how nearly great he made that Leaf team he led. There will never be another Doug Gilmour. Pound for pound, the best player of his time. Yes, most definitely. It is said during their long playoff run to the semis, when only the Great One got in their way, that “killer” was hooked up to intravenous after each and every playoff game to help get his fluids back up to normal. Talk about leaving it all out on the ice. Nobody will ever match Dougie’s intensity. The good news is we may yet see him again in the NHL coaching ranks. Knowing his character like I do, I wouldn’t bet against those odds in a million years.

Yet another highly intense athlete is Tiger Woods. The golfing world awaits his return from reconstructive knee surgery. For all of us involved in the golfing industry, we are hoping he has a dominant return to the top of the game. Only a fool would dismiss his impact on the game, a PGA event has no juice without him. Fact.Period.End of Rant, not quite. Tiger is set to return for a few warm ups before the Masters in April. Ahh, the Masters are truly a sign that spring is imminent. With Tiger near a Masters leaderboard in April, it is must watch TV.

So,speaking of spring, has already broken ground on their first 09 project at Riverbend CC in Sugar Land,TX. The project scope includes significant earthworks to increase storm water capacity for the local municipality,as well as a total rebuild of six greens and a resurface of all 18 greens, and some select bunker and tee rebuilds, topped off with a new driving range. XGD Systems, meanwhile, is still hibernating the cold winter out. In another few weeks though, we will begin poking our heads out of our holes,and upon smelling the fresh spring air, XGD will be off and running again in 09.

Out, Poor Old Dirt & Grass Farmer

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