Fairway Drainage System

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Folks, this blog may be changing a little bit in the coming months as we modify the platform in an attempt to make it better.
But back to the business at hand and that is the popularity of our XGD fairway drainage systems.
Country clubs throughout the nation often pursue our fairway drainage process as a means to provide optimum fairway play conditions utilizing our fairway and greens drainage specialists.
XGD Systems may sound complicated but our process is uniquely simple. As in our greens drainage process, we don’t get caught up in the surface water issues because they are always caused by groundwater issues. In a nutshell, XGD’s aim is to lower the gravitational groundwater table in the fairway, which then opens up the pore space in the soil profile, allowing surface water to move in to the soil profile and finally out of harm’s way through our system of pipes. The XGD laterals are spaced according to existing soil conditions and as always utilizing our depth of pipe, allows the groundwater to move through and out of the soil profile.
The picture above is of some installs we completed at Cape Arundel GC http://www.capearundelgolf.com/ in Kennebunkport, ME. This club has now noticed several other areas on the course that will now need to be updated with a subsurface fairway drainage system.
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