Greens Drainage Project Updates

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In this post I wanted to update all on some exciting subsurface greens drainage install projects currently underway.
In this picture we show one of Trent Bartman’s two XGD crews in action at #18 green at Chartiers CC in Western PA, where we are completing all the pushup greens at this classic old Willie Park design, with some stunning holes that exhibit beautiful backdrops of the undulating terrain prominent in this part of PA. Once these crews are complete here they will roll north to Oak Hill CC in Rochester,NY for the second phase of their greens restoration process utilizing XGD.
While Matt Magarian’s crews in Chicagoland, some of which are pictured above, just completed all the greens at Briarwood CC in Deerfield,IL. This Colt,Alison design is a real hidden gem near the Northshore area. This club seriously investigated all greens restoration options before choosing to go with our heralded process, and it was interesting to be involved in the back and forth banter during their decision making process. Matt has several more projects on his plate in IL this fall including some fairway XGD work at Butler National GC.
Over on the east coast Mark Rowan has been busy doing the greens/approaches at Charles River CC, before beginning recently at Oakley CC in Boston,MA where we are completing all the greens at Donald Ross’s first design in NA. Ross not only designed/built this club in 1896, but also served as its first golf professional for several years before his design firms popularity exploded in NA. This greens drainage project is fairly typical of a lot of our installations, as we will sometimes complete a few greens at a club, so the club can make an evaluation of our greens drainage system, and get a feel for how minimally disruptive, and non-invasive our process really is. Having said that please feel free to reach out to us and stop by to see our XGD Green Team’s in action at a course near you. Also, please be careful when discussing our process with your membership, as momentum can be quickly lost when discussing our process as most will automatically believe the greens will be closed for months? Not so fast, each green is only closed for a few days while it is under the knife, and during an XGD install there is always only one or two temporaries as we systematically move through your greens restoration process.
Regards, Poor Old Dirt & Grass Farmer
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