Lake Geneva CC XGD Greens Restoration Part II

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Last week we completed a super successful greens regrassing effort at Lake Geneva Country Club in Lake Geneva,WI about a 1.5 hr drive from Chicago. Superintendent Andy Kronwall just reported to me that he had observed germination of his new T1/Alpha greens in about four days time which is great to hear the new grass is out of the ground and putting down some roots soon.

XGD Project Supervisor Keith Kirsch finished up the 2 week project here that included fumigation of the putting surfaces as well. After an extensive topdressing and preparation for seeding:

Keith and crew began the seeding operation on Friday of last week and completed Saturday. As I reported germination was apparent the Tuesday morning.

As I always harp on this method of regrassing and rebuilding the green without actually doing so, it is really catching on across the country but is highly visible in areas like the NE and the midwest. Drop seeding the old fashioned way right in to the old greens thatchbed provides a level of slight invincibility you don’t get with conventional seeding in to the fresh greensmix which is highly vulnerable to heavy precipitation events, while the method XGD employs provides some insurance if a heavy rain event occurs early on in the grow-in process.

The parting shot below shows a finished green signed,sealed and delivered to the clubs agronomy team for a successful grow-in of the putting surfaces:

This is why clubs choose for just a little more professional assistance when undertaking a greens restoration project like Lake Geneva CC did. So please contact us if we might get your facility some budget numbers for your club’s next capital improvement project, and take away any worry of project management, and let the XGD Systems team take over.

Cheers, Poor Old Dirt & Grass Farmer

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