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I was looking for some XGD projects pics on my phone and just came across this pic of an XGD trench profile above:

It certainly is one of the more interesting and telling photos of what happens when funds are not targeted in a long term greens improvement program.
There really is only about three inches of  horrific layering going on in this greens profile.That light brown material beneath the layering is native, compacted clay that has not been amended in forever. The fact that there is significant turf tillers on the surface is a testament to the superintendent and an ability to manage with what he was given. Most definitely these types of soil profile conditions pose a long term agronomic challenge, and the fact they are beginning to amend with our internal subsurface greens drainage project is a huge leap forward in their greens management approach.

The blackness of the layering is probably the biggest issue. Both near the greens surface and above the original clay layer. Both of these black layers are essentially suffocating the turf roots, and allowing in little to no oxygen resulting in greens failure. Just by installing XGD, any facility is amending approximately 5% of their greens profile in a meaningful way, just by swapping out the above picture with a higher sand content greensmix backfill material suggested by XGD. That number is a quick and easy way of introducing life/oxygen in to your green’s soil profile.

Cheers, Poor Old Dirt & Grass Farmer

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